Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Had a few responders to my blog...I just started it and it is amazing at the response...The biggest question is how come it was started...

Well, I am FAT and it is an addiction to food. Many times people are not real with the fact they are fat and why they are FAT. They like to eat and make excuses ( you will find that I do) not to exercise. Anywhoo...I just think that we as people talk the big talk and are always crying because they feel discriminated against. I was watching Dr.Phil and a lady could not sit to a fat person without feeling grossed out..HELLO!!! would you like to sit next to a stinky drugged alcoholic? Well they both have addictions some how this lady had the problem!?? Give me a break! I am fat and there are certain people I would not sit next to.

I guess I found that in Todays world many of us struggle with addictions to many things...How many of us crave morning coffee and get headaches if we don't get enough? How many of us reach for a Pepsi at least once a day? How many of us spend countless hours on the computer...anything that takes away from you and your soul in excess is an addiction

Keep the questions coming! If you don't like the truth about FAT then don't read this...that's about as close as I will get answering negativity questions.

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